Our Bulk SMS Service offers many feautres for our users.We provide Fast,Reliable and Accurate SMS delivery and  assure you 100%  Quality and Trust oriented service.Following are the features that are available in our Bulk SMS Service which you cannot find in any other Bulk SMS service Provider

  • Choice of sending Text,Flash,Binary SMS
  • Multi Language support with over 10 languages of India
  • Send SMS with 6 letter Customized Id for Promo as well as Transactional SMS.
  • Schedule SMS for later Delivery
  • Upload recepients numbers in a file
  • Automatic removal of repeated entries
  • Create Groups and send SMS to a particular Group
  • Create Phonebook By uploading file of recepients
  • Check the sent SMS in the Reports>outgoing SMS
  • Download delivery report in the form of excel file and save for future reference
  • Check the reason why the messages are not delivered if any.
  • Send SMS from MS-excel sheet istalled in your PC,our plugin helps u save time with out logging in our system
  • Last but not least fast delivery system that helps you send lakhs of messages on a single in a second.
  • Apart from these Dworld also offers Voice Calls and IVRS service for our users.

These are all the features that you will get with our Bulk sms service at a low cost.To know more about Pricing and Billing please refer our pricing page.Thank You.