BulkSMS at low cost

Dworld Offers quality BulkSMS at low cost all over India.We offer wide range of BulkSMS packs so that you can pick up a suitable pack you need and get in touch with your customers.We are giving the details and price range of all SMS packs that are available at Dworld BulkSMS system.Choose the pack that best fits for you.We urge our users to please carefully go through the details Provided below.

Pricing Details inclusive of all taxes :

Promotional SMS Price Transactional SMS Price
1000 Rs 299/- 1000 Rs 299/-
5000 Rs 1200/- 5000 Rs 1400/-
10,000 Rs 2,000/- 10,000 Rs 2,200/-
25,000 Rs 4,000/- 25,000 Rs 4,500/-
50,000 Rs 7,500/- 50,000 Rs 9000/-
1,00,000 Rs 14,000/- 1,00,000 Rs 16,500/-
2,00,000 Rs 25,500/- 2,00,000 Rs 32,000/-
3,00,000 Rs 50,000/- 3,00,000 Rs 60,000/-
5,00,000 Rs 90,000/- 5,00,000 Rs 1,00,000/-
10,00,000 Rs 1,50,000/- 10,00,000 Rs 3,00,000/-

(Note: User should register for DLT in order to send sms)

Promotional SMS Details  :

  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) has imposed some set of Rules regarding the usage and delivery of  Promotional SMS
  • Promotional Sms mainly used for promotion can be sent from 9 Am in the morning to 9 Pm in the night only.(9 Am – 9 Pm).Messages that are sent beyond 9 pm will not reach the customers.
  • Sms will be delivered with six digit Numeric Sender Id (ex : LM 567986) and will not reach the customers who have activated DND .
  • 1 sms credit = 160 characters and you can type upto 1280 characters in a single messsage.
  • Our system automatically filters the DND numbers in the Reports and u can download it in a excel file.

Transactional SMS Details :

  • These are Purely Template based and will be used for only business transactional purpose.
  • There is no time limit imposed on this SMS they can sent @ 24 hrs a day and will reach Do not Disturb (DND) numbers as well.
  • 1 sms credit = 1 60 characters and you can type upto 1280 characters in a single messsage.
  • You will get a 6 letter Sender ID for all your SMS.

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Update: As per the latest TRAI rules regarding DLT, Pricing has been increased by 2.5 paise on all packages. For more information kindly call 8328058156. 

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